for stress, pain, trauma, grief, relationship and work issues and mental illness.
Helping you to find purpose, meaning, direction, hope and faith.

for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul
*The Mythical Tarot + Oracle of the Dreamtime cards;
for clarity, direction + Bigger Picture understanding
*Angels of the Kabbalah + Colour;
to connect to and receive support from your birth Angels….
It is best if you know your birth date and time.
Rose of Raphael flower essences, gem elixirs and DNA re-patterning
for deep healing, emotional support. These cards, codes and Vibrational Essences speak to both the Mindbody and the Bodymind.
$95 allow 1 and 1/2 hours
Sometimes you just need to relax, unwind and receive healing from Spirit
Reiki blended with guided relaxation, gems, crystals, rainbow healing, essential oils and light massage to the head, neck, shoulders, back, hands and feet.
It’s Beyond Words.
 $95 allow 1 and 1/2 hours

allow 2 – 2 and 1/2 hours

Experience the healing power of guided relaxation combined with the rainbow colours. Choose from Kristina’s range of colours and essential oil blends. Cherish your need for quality ‘me time’.
$20 per 1 hour session. Run on request
********* RAINBOW HEALINSELF-CARE WORKSHOP **********                                Saturday December 3rd, 2pm-5pm
Use the 7 colours of the rainbow as a vehicle for personal, social and planetary healing.
Nourish your physical body
-Apply Aura-Soma Equilibrium oils to your seven chakras.
-Rest into a guided relaxation.
-Experience the healing music of Dian Booth.
-Enjoy some light refreshments.
Receive guidance from Spirit
-Chose cards from the Rose of Raphael flower, gem, crystal and DNA re-patterning collection.
-Pick a colour, smell the aroms, receive a message.
-Reflect on your life. Refer to a Rainbow Healing Colouring-in Book, written by Kristina.
Fee: $120 (includes Colouring-in Book)
Colouring-in Book (sold separately) $30
Que Cards: $5.00 (not included in workshop fee)
Workshops run on request and as advertised.                                                           

A journey of self discovery for Ardent Seekers
-Learn about and practise holistic healing.
-Look, in detail, at some of your unresolved health, relationship, work, home, meaning to life issues and broader worldly concerns.
-Connect to your innate healing potential.
-Realise the need for both bodymind and mindbody healing techniques.
-Explore the healing power of colours, sound, gems, crystals, essential oils, conscious intention, relaxing, working with spiritual energies and using traditional, alternative and complementary medicines and other natural therapies.
-Focus on your need for Self-Knowing, Self-Healing and Balance.
-Discover how the Self-Care Path; combined with social, political and economic reform, holds the key to helping us restore health to the earth, improve the human condition and co-create world peace.
Session 1: $180
(includes Manual)
6 ensuing 2 & 1/2 hour sessions: $60 each session  
sold seperately: $35   Que Cards: $5.00 (not included in course fee)
Courses run on request and as advertised

The Manual outlines an ideological infrastructure that will empower individuals to co-create social, political, economic, educational and other cultural institutions whose primary motivation is to enable them to play their part in restoring health to the earth, improving the human condition and co-creating world peace.
The key to actualizing this grass roots movement for positive social change is found through practicing holistic healing, seeking physical and spiritual health, and through pursuing Self-Knowing, Self-Healing and Balance. 
It can be hard to relax, unwind and have true peace of mind when your home is unkempt or unclean.
A limited number of contracts are available for weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning. Bi-carb, vinegar, essential oils, a tooth brush, elbow grease and a love of cleaning are used to create a healthy, vibrant and uplifting tone.
$45 per hour. Minimum fee $100.

Invest in some down to earth magic!
* Use bi-carb, vinegar, essential oils, the magenta healing ray and some elbow grease to make way for a new beginning.
* Have fun sharing the chores!
Short term cleaning contracts
$45 per hour. Minimum fee $100.
Gift Vouchers Available.

Sharing the cleaning (and the other house work) can be naturally therapeutic.
It can lighten the load, make it more fun and it can help us acquire the life skills we need to develop meaningful relationships and supportive networks.
“The energy we put into the little things will be provided for us in the big things”.
Kristina advocates for Work, Home, Play, Life Balance
……………instead of merely Life Work Balance

The rainbow has long been a part of human culture and folklore as a messenger from a Higher Power. It’s played a role in religious, spiritual and Indigenous peoples’ creation stories and today it’s becoming a symbol of unity, good fortune, the inexplicable and miraculous. This energy is available to help us play our part in restoring health to the earth, improving the human condition and contributing to world peace.

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