Positive change through self care and balance

About Kristina
This unique healthcare service has arisen out of Kristina’s lifelong journey with chronic health problems and mental illness.

Born in Melbourne in 1964, Kristina was a highly sensitive child who was often angry, upset and unwell. She found solace in talking to her invisible friends and reading literature on astology, numerology and other metaphysical subjects. This trend continued and followed her into bar tending, drug and alcohol abuse, unhappy and violent relationships, travelling to Asia on a spiritual quest, becoming anorexic and doing a Bachelor of Arts Degree before becoming a chronically fatigued sole parent.

For the next 22 years Kristina continued on her quest but this time to improve her health and change her life. She homeschooled her daughter, lived nomadically, WWOOFed (willingly worked on organic and dynamic farms), attended yoga and meditation festivals, and consulted with mainstream doctors and natural therapists: chiropractors, chinese herbalists and acupuncturists, naturopaths, homoeopaths, massage therapists, spritual and intuitive healers and others. It was not until she was 48 that she was diagnosed with mental illness. At this point, things started to fall into place.

Positive thinking and hard work don’t always lead to tangible positive outcomes. Life is far more complex than that. Particularly if you’re suffering from chronic health problems, trauma, grief, loss, discrimination, lack of love or mental illness. The healing process for these people can be very long, arduous, convoluted, all-consuming and seemingly never ending.

The services and products offered by Kristina are the natural therapies that guide and support her on the self-healing path. Via these gems she maintains and promotes purpose, connection, hope and HEALING DIRECTIONS.

Based in Alice Springs, Kristina is open to travelling and working from her mobile home.

Aspiring to live in ways that help to:
restore health to the earth
improve the human condition
contribute to world peace.

Kristina Mackey
mobile: 0428 600 475   email:


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